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April 16, 2014

How To Take Advantage Of Your Autodesk Student Download Today?

If you follow this Autodesk Student tutorial, you will determine the best student Autodesk offer for you and sign up to take advantage in less than 10 minutes.  When I first starting using Revit, I was not aware that this program existed and it cost me $350 more for the same Autodesk student software.   Students interested in the field of design and computer modeling must take advantage of the Autodesk Student Download offer.  Let’s get started, I want to show the 2 most important options while you have “student status”.  

1. First, go to  You will need to create an Autodesk account which includes the information in the form posted below.  It does not require much detailed information.  I do recommend using your .edu e-mail address because it does make it easier for Autodesk to confirm your student status, but I know that many students do not use their own academic e-mail addresses and it is not a problem.  Just understand that proof of education (transcript, course schedule, etc) be requested in order to confirm your Autodesk account which includes access to all Autodesk Student Download capability as well as Autodesk 360.


2. Sign in to your Autodesk account and select the appropriate education level- Secondary or College/University.  This first Autodesk Student Download option includes a 3-year software license of any student software selected.  It is renewable for as long as you remain in student status.  Although this post focuses on the student Autodesk download, there are many other educational resources available here.

autodesk-student-download-23.Next, you can use the different software selection filters seen below to view the Autodesk student software most applicable to your Industry and career path.  We will view the software in the Building & Design communities which includes Revit as well as many other applications also utilized in the architectural field operations (but I would recommend exploring over a summer since it’s free) or architectural visualization such as 3DS Max Design.  Although I primarily used Revit, AutoCAD student download is still most popular because of it is most familiar across the drafting industry.


4. After the software product is identified, then you will need to specify the version and other details listed below.  Then the final section will provide you with the product key and serial number information necessary as well as an INSTALL button.


5.Lastly, I want to share a second Autodesk Student Download option that allows student users to buy a perpetual student license of Autodesk Student software for only $150.  The end of the video tutorial in this post explains exactly how to navigate to the menu below.  From my experience, I believe this is an excellent option for students to obtain a personal copy of their software for future use even when they are no longer in “student status”.  It requires some thinking ahead, but if you are laid off or possibly even have a career shift- it becomes extremely difficult to remain proficient in Autodesk software which you no longer have access.  It may not be the most current version of the Autodesk Building Design Suite, but you would still be able to make portfolio project changes at a later time.  Just another option to consider!


The Smarter Architect YouTube video below demonstrates this process from beginning to end so you have the basic understanding of exactly what the Autodesk Free Student Software and low-cost Perpetual license options.  

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